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16 photos anyone who grew up playing the PS2 will recognise

It could play DVDs!

AH, THE PLAYSTATION 2 - taking up so many of your teenage hours.

It was all sorts of epic:

1. You’d never seen anything as big as the 64mb memory card

64MB-font-b-Memory-b-font-font-b-Card-b-font-Save-Game-Data-Stick-Module Source: Alicdn

None of your 32mb Playstation 1 memory cards any more.

2. The dual shock was now a slick black – and it was so much better than the old grey one

SONY DSC Source: wikipedia

3. Suddenly, Grand Theft Auto was 3D and it was a whole new world

grand-theft-auto-3 Source: Collider

4. Vice City came next and it was the best game you had ever played

vicecity Source: Google Play

5. Because you could fly loads of different helicopters around the place

maxresdefault Source: Youtube

6. This screen struck fear into your very soul

pleaseinsert Source: PCsx2

And when this popped up, it was panic stations:

hqdefault Source: Ytimg

7. When they introduced that GAA game on the PS2 and everyone you know thought it was shite

GAAgame Source: YouTube

8. You were introduced to the concept of the guitar game for the very first time with the PS2

guitarheropic Source: Controlpadblues

9. And controllers looked a lot different

Guitar_Hero_series_controllers Source: Wikimedia

All changed.

10. When you had never stepped foot on a ski lift but you were an expert in SSX

snowboard Source: Twitter

11. You could cruise around as The Simpsons characters in Road Rage

roadrage Source: Twitter

12. When it first came out, everyone had a sense of wonder at the fact that it could stand up straight

SCPH-30000_vertical Source: Wikimedia


13. Gran Turismo has never looked so shiny

GT2 Source: gamesradar

14. Final Fantasy X was a massive step up

ffX Source: wikia

But you could still play VII – because the PS2 was that good.

15. And then San Andreas came along and made Vice City look positively small

sanandreas Source: GooglePlay

16. And finally… this screen when you were playing some TUNES

hqdefault Source: Ytimg

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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