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14 furry and adorable signs that you're a rich person

Own a dog? Then you’re probably very wealthy.

DO YOU OWN a puppy? Then you may as well be a rich person, lighting your enormous cigars with flaming €200 notes.

That’s according to the Washington Post, which says puppies may be “the new indicator of prosperity”.

They report growing puppy ownership rates in countries where the economy is growing swiftly, amid well-paid “cottage industries of trainers, groomers and pet-supply purveyors”.

In honour of this landmark announcement, we present these:

14 furry and adorable signs that you're a rich person
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  • This puppy knows your wallet is large and huggable.

  • This puppy is sad because you went to Brown Thomas without him.

  • This puppy is pretty sure you had fillet steak for dinner.

  • These puppies are at peace with your offshore accounts.

  • This puppy heard you say something about the new autumn/winter Louboutins.

  • This puppy is disappointed by your choice of designer kitchen fittings.

  • These puppies know you're going skiing in February.

  • This puppy shares your live-in hairdresser.

  • This puppy knows you have gourmet snacks, and can't believe you're keeping it for yourself.

  • This puppy knows a designer heel when it sees one.

  • On balance, this puppy would rather you'd gone with the mahogany decking.

  • This puppy is happily surveying your large, landscaped estate.

  • This puppy can't even REMEMBER the last time you took him to the Avoca Cafe.

  • This puppy only plays catch with people of high net worth.