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puppy bowl

Puppy Bowl is an actual real thing which 10 million people watch

Complete with a kitty half-time show and cheerleading hedgehogs.

THIS WEEKEND THE Superbowl takes place in the US, but let’s be honest, the only aspect many people really care about is the halftime show.

Much more interesting is Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, which is also being screened this weekend.

“Puppy Bowl?” we hear you ask, “What is this marvel of which you speak?”

Screened as counter-programming for the Superbowl, the Puppy Bowl sees television channel Animal Planet take  puppies from shelters and film them playing together in a mock stadium.  They then add in some sports commentary and information about how viewers can adopt rescued puppies and support their local animal shelters and screen it several times around the Superbowl.


But that’s not all!  No Puppy Bowl would be complete without the Kitty Halftime Show, in which a load of kittens take to the field displaying curiosity and agility on a carefully constructed set of toys and scratching posts.


Ten million people watched last year’s Puppy Bowl which featured a Piggy Pep Squad (they have been replaced with hedgehog cheerleaders for this years event) and a cockatiel named Meep who tweeted during the game.  No, we’re not making this up.


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