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15 ridiculously cute gifs to celebrate National Puppy Day

Just TRY to be cynical about these.

IT’S NATIONAL PUPPY DAY and we must celebrate with cute gifs.

It’s only natural.

1. This little guy, who can’t get up

4f2bb09d-e160-44d0-8c2f-094c70331773 Source: Playbuzz

2. This solid attempt at being the cutest thing to ever use a set of stairs

1285687334_puppy-vs-stairs Source: Gifbin

3. A nibbling pug that just stole everyone’s heart

MTI4OTg2NTk2NjE0NjQwOTE0 Source: Blazepress

4. He can’t get out of this bowl, but he’s immediately in our dreams

1366219721_puppy_cant_get_out_of_bowl Source: Gifbin

5. Just OMGG

dancers-jokes-gifs-11 Source: Rockettes

6. Wait for iiiit

1355768312_puppy_flips_over_while_eating Source: Gifbin

7. We can FEEL how fluffy this is

tickling Source: Wordpress

8. It you

funny-gif-lazy-puppy-eating Source: Wanna-joke

9. This little guy, who is sick of his owner’s shit

tough-puppy1 Source: Wordpress

10. These sleeping beauties

giphy Source: Giphy

11. Nobody can fail as cutely as this

anigif_enhanced-buzz-12716-1369949373-1 Source: littleanimalgifs

12. Who is cuter, the pup or his dad teaching him to sit?

tumblr_nxx6ucEQSC1ukldkho1_400 Source: Tumblr

13. Heya ;)

tumblr_numsv7Rlm51twg13uo1_400 Source: Tumblr

14. The teddy


15. And finally, everything happening here

jh8iiGD Source: Imgur

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