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12 signs you are suffering a quarter-life crisis

Join the club.

1. You are technically a grownup

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2. But you have a suspicion that real grownups don’t wake up at 2pm and order Dominos

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3. You have literally no idea what you want to do with your life

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4. But you have a rehearsed answer for when people ask you about your ‘plans’

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(The answer may or may not be the truth.)

5. You thought your 20s were going to be about crazy hedonism and wild parties. Instead, they seem to be about binge-watching box sets.

Source: Buster Benson

Source: Imgur

6. You are seriously considering ‘going travelling’

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7. Looking back, being in college seems like a time of delightful certainty

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8. Your expired student card is still in your wallet for some reason

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9. At least one friend is ‘doing TEFL for a while’

Source: SEE TEFL Teacher Training

10. You have been in this situation

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11. You find it vaguely terrifying when people you know get married

This is you at their weddings:

Source: Tumblr

12. And finally, you would be deeply tempted to click on this

If you identified with seven or more of the above, you are suffering from a quarter-life crisis.

Sorry, there is no solution. Want to watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy instead of thinking about it?

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