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9 desk accessories you need in your life right now

Two words: desk microwave.

LOOKING TO JAZZ up your office desk? Finding it all a bit dull and dreary?

We have a few suggestions.

1. Desk microwave

deskmicrowave Source: Steve Gates

Microwave dinners without having to leave your desk?

giphy (7) Source: Giphy

2. Power nap pillow

nappillow Source: Studio Banana Things

The Ostrich Pillow describes itself as the “smallest, most fun portable nap pillow ever”. Just imagine throwing this over your head during a particularly exhausting day.


3. Binder pillow

powernap_office-pillow_mood_72dpi Source: 7gadgets

(For when the aforementioned power nap pillow is just too glaringly obvious and you want to maintain the pretence that you’re sort of working.)

4. Clip-on cup holder

deskclip Source: Imgur

Prevent unsightly tea rings with this clip-on cupholder.

5. Under-the-desk hammock

hammock Source: Imgur

An adjustable under-the-desk hammock on which to rest your poor, poor feet? THIS IS THE DREAM.

(We don’t advise taking your shoes and socks off, though. Be considerate of your colleagues.)

6. USB cup warmer

coffeewarmer Source: Amazon

Ever make yourself a cup of tea and return to it, only to find it has gone lukewarm? This USB-powered cup warmer is your saviour.

7. Monitor rear view mirror

rearviewmirror Source: Perpetual Kid

Affix this rear view mirror to the top of your computer and keep an eye on everything going on in the office behind you.

Particularly handy for copping when your boss is coming your way and thus giving you time to close all those ‘unrelated-to-work’ tabs you have open.

wink Source: iEmoji

8. Keyboard vacuum

41qXO5vEplL Source: Amazon

For hoovering dust from your keyboard/those invisible-to-the-eye crumbs wedged between the keys. You know the ones we’re talking about.

9. Baby printer that only prints out exactly what you need

babyprinter Source: King Jim

Feel bad about wasting reams of paper when all you need is to print off a few lines? This printer enables you to screenshot exactly what you want print and prints it out on an adhesive receipt-like slip of paper.

frozen Source: Imgur

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