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This guy came up with the most ridiculous method of quitting smoking

WHAT is he doing?

GIVING UP SMOKING can’t be easy, so all approaches – no matter how unique – must be respected.

So with that in mind, this guy in Turkey should win an award for originality:

The tweet went super viral when it was posted yesterday – amassing over 5000 retweets – but it turns out the pictures in question are from 2013.

The featured man’s name is Ibrahim Yucel and he employed the cage method of quitting smoking two years ago as he had come to the end of his tether with his own willpower.

As Yahoo reports, his wife wasn’t sold on the idea at first:

Initially, Yucel’s wife says seeing her husband walking around with a cage on his head bothered her but she says she now supports the move. “This cage is embarrassing at first, but he wants to quit smoking,” she says in the video.

Still, given she had the job of opening it up all the time, you can see why she wouldn’t be enthused

smoking1 Source: Twitter

We don’t know how it worked out for Ibrahim, but we wish him well

smoking2 Source: Twitter


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