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Could R Kelly's Ignition (Remix) be the next US national anthem?
He doesn’t usually do this.

AMERICANS HAVE BEEN belting out the Star Spangled Banner as their National Anthem for just 82 years, but already an enterprising group of Americans have decided it’s time for a change.

What song should take over its mantle?  Well clearly there was no other choice than R Kelly’s seminal piece of work Ignition (Remix) for the creators of a petition for change, which currently has 4, 417 signatures.

But why this song?  Well, because of the fact that “even a decade after its creation, is still hot and fresh out the kitchen”, of course.

It also demonstrates some of the things that Americans have learned in recent times.

According to the petition,

We have realised that after the show, it’s the afterparty, and that after the party, it’s the hotel lobby, and – perhaps most importantly – that ’round about four, you’ve got to clear the lobby, at which point it’s strongly recommended that you take it to the room and freak somebody.

Important lessons.

Frankly, we can’t believe they didn’t mention running their hands through their fro.

One way or the other, we’d love to see Barack singing it at the next big event.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, etc.


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