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losing the rag

11 tweets and Instagrams that sum up the madness of Rag Week

When the students of this country lose their entire minds.

OVER THE PAST few weeks, colleges in Carlow, Limerick, Cork, Athlone and Galway have been weathering Rag Week.

Rag (or Raise and Give) Weeks were ostensibly introduced as a means to raise money for charity, but has evolved into a week of pranks and pints. Here’s a little look inside the madness.

1. This tweet, full to the brim with anticipation

2. This queue for the New Bar in UCC

Proving that students will literally do anything for pints.

3. And this line outside a Galway pub on Donegal Tuesday

4. This typical scene outside the Supermacs on Eyre Square

That lamppost gets some amount of abuse.

5. This sign of a city adjusting itself to its new RAG timetable

6. This Snapchat from a lonely teacher in UCC

Classes? On Rag Week? Psh.

7. This security company wishing its Galway bouncers the best of luck

8. This early-2000s dance music star was flown in to Athlone for the occasion

9. This Limerick shop doing a ‘Rag Week Special’ – a chicken fillet roll and a naggin of vodka for €8.99

The lordblessusandsaveus.

10. This guy. Just this guy

11. And Fine Gael unwittingly providing a mantra for the post-Rag Week comedown

We’re sure that’s EXACTLY what Enda & Co meant. Marvellous work, everyone.

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