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7 things you'd forgotten about the bloody rain

It’s a wet rain, so it is.


The first ‘proper’ rain of the autumn for most parts of the country.

Sure, it rained over the summer. It rained lots. But it was the kind of rain where you could look out the window and say:

It’s supposed to clear by Friday. Up to 21 degrees by the weekend they say.

Now all we have to look forward to is competition with your family/friends/coworkers about who was the earliest to put on the heating.

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Here are all the things we’ve blocked out about autumn rain…

1. Wet feet

It seems so simple, but it’s easy to forget the sheer misery of soggy socks, shoes stuffed with newspaper, and the day-long fear that you smell like wet dog.

There is, of course, the satisfaction of showing your co-workers/friends/family just how wet you are.

rads The 'I'm wetter than you' conversation Source: Shutterstock.com

2. Ankle flaps

If you’re unlucky, and wearing trousers of the bootcut variety, the water will travel up around your ankles, causing the fabric to flap unpleasantly as you walk.

If you’re REALLY unlucky The Wet will creep up past your calves to the back of your knees.

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3. The chat

It’s a fierce wet rain, isn’t it

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Oh, is it raining?

Sure you won’t melt

4. Street juice

Picture the scene…

You’re hurrying home through the rain, dodging umbrellas and puddles.

You’re almost there when… SQUELCH!

A paving stone gives way slightly, and a gush of street juice emerges, soaking your foot and ankle.


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5. Umbrella rage

Source: jontintinjordan

Source: jontintinjordan

Source: AndrewDallos

6. No raincoat

Irish people love defying the weather and leaving the house without a raincoat. We love it.


7. Leaf or dogsh*t?

That’s what goes through your head for a split second when you slip on something in the rain.

Now, stick on some techno and look at this for the next five minutes to cheer yourself up…

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