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7 reasons why raisins are the devil's fruit


TODAY IS NATIONAL Raisin Day. But we don’t feel like celebrating, actually, because raisins are bad, and they should feel bad.

So raisins, listen up – this is why you suck.

They turn up absolutely everywhere, uninvited

4991731451_4fcf7dd7c7_b Source: Flickr/vegan-baking

Granola, scones, chocolate, ice cream – who asked you here, raisins? Who asked you?

And they make it really hard for you to get them to leave

Spending 20 minutes picking all the unexpected raisins out of your slice of cake is just… Nobody should have to go through that.

They look like sheep poo

raisincoll Source: Pixabay/Border Terrier

Bet you can’t tell the difference.

They’re sneaky

“Can I have a plain scone, please,” you ask. You receive this abomination:

2977679610_83bae3a9fc_z Source: Flickr/arndog

Raisins will find a way. They always do.

They are too good at posing as chocolate chips

roflbot (19) Source: Flickr/jeffreyww

Looking forward to that chocolate chip cookie? THINK AGAIN.

They make enjoying yoghurt or chocolate-covered peanuts a tough job

Yogurt-Peanuts-Raisins Source: Forest Feast

Every morsel is like Russian roulette.

They are literally shrivelled grapes

5187413991_bfc289d607_o Source: Flickr/dottiemae

And thus inferior in every way. Be gone, raisins, you evil fruit.

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