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An important and definitive ranking of fast food burgers

This decision is FINAL.

IT’S INTERNATIONAL BURGER Day… so basically it’s against the law not to eat a burger.

The criteria here is that it has to be a chain, and it has to come to you fast. It can be chicken or beef, but it has to go between two buns. In the interests of simplicity, please assume all burgers to be the fast food joint’s standard fare, unless stated otherwise.

This decision is final.

10. Abrakebabra

Goes down a treat after a nice on the sauce, but unheard of in the harsh light of day.

AbraBurger Source: Abrakebabra

9. The KFC Zinger

Sort out a better bun and we’ll talk.

burger_zinger Source: Kfc

8. Supermac’s

OK OK, hear us out. The onions are too big. TOO BIG.

Less onion, more delicious beef please. It’s up so high because of the delicious cheese fries to accompany it.

5076436 Source: Weebly

7. Chipper Burger

The humble chipper burger. Usually just an accompaniment to chips, but always smothered in sauce and basically a comforting dream.

salad-burger-630x393 Source: Macaris

6. The Gourmet Burger Kitchen classic

One of the posh burger chains. Deducting points for the little stick in it. That’ll have your eye out.

l Source: Juan R

5. Nando’s

A Nando’s chicken burger with the extra hot sauce. It’s up there. So far up there.

So I tried this #hotChick #burger. With extra #hot #periperi of #Nandos Source: chegu


4. Burger King Whopper

It’s whopper.


3. Hillbilly’s Chicken

Breast in a bun, get in my tum.

hillbilly-s-fried-chicken Source: Tripadvisor

2. McDonald’s Big Mac

So wrong but so, so, so right. Just don’t look directly at it.

big-mac-hamburger Source: Quezi

1. Eddie Rockets

Sorry, it’s the best. With that neon burger sauce and massive heaps of toppings, it can’t be beaten.

B1oQwKJCcAAsDW1 Source: TheSullis

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