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A Definitive Ranking Of Ways To Laugh On The Internet


LOL IS DEAD. Long live ‘haha’.

New figures from Facebook show that ‘LOL’ is falling out of favour as a way of expressing laughter online – less than 2% of people use it, with 51.4% preferring a simple ‘haha’.

11405158_1609351519332064_8822025_n Source: Facebook

So how DO you laugh on the internet? Here’s a definitive ranking of ways to do so. The ranking is official and final.

11. The ‘crying laughing’ emoji

cwkdcyxaa1if8ii135d9 Source: Complex

The internet has taken agin to this in a big way. Stay away if you don’t want its wrath to come down upon you.


24dbfaef_uw0gF Source: Niketalk

What it means: Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off

Who has the TIME to type out all letters in the proper order they come in? Please.

9. Roflcopter/lollercoaster

ROFLCOPTER by Yoshio the Hedgehog Source: deviantART

Maybe this was cool when you were on MSN Messenger in 2004. But not now.


tumblr_inline_mqty015dCe1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

What it means: Rolling On the Floor Laughing

Are you though? ARE YOU?


week-in-review-channing-tatum-laughing-1_zpscb03kjt4 Source: Photobucket

What it means: Pissing Myself Laughing

Are you actually pissing yourself laughing? Mate, you might need to see someone about that.


c10316d7d4f1ed56247b9c4ca99590b661e76a03b74d04b3aaf79c5467f84a2a Source: Quickmeme

What it means: Laughing My Ass Off

See above. (Also, you read it like El-Maow, don’t you.)

5. lolz

Somehow less acceptable than a straight LOL. That ‘z’, man.

4. lol

f04daee411430a03d07668321915b136f6e8f42de2f89b492439b15f572688d3 Source: Quickmeme

In our opinion, this is still a perfectly serviceable way to laugh on the internet. But still, are you really laughing out loud?


-are-viewing-joker-hahaha-hush-here-ya-go-desktop-1024x768-wallpaper-d-a-ibackgroundz.com Source: Windowsace

Slightly deranged, but at least it indicates some genuine humour.

2. hehe

meftV0q Source: Imgur

There’s something sort of sly about this that we like. Hehehehehe.

1. haha

tumblr_ml3zjyGk2f1s2kzvmo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Simple, honest, and really the best way of going about things. Long live ‘haha’.

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