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American teen's Vine of white people following him around shops goes viral

The videos have got people talking about racial profiling in the US.

IT’S NOT OFTEN six-second Vine videos manage to say anything about society, but these two from young Vine user Rashid Polo just might.

While out shopping, Rashid filmed a white employee following him around a store, trying to remain inconspicuous by straightening items on the shelves.

The Vine have since gone viral, amassing over six million views.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN… This time I wasn’t even mad lmao I’m used to it.

Rashid first filmed himself being followed around a shop back in February:

Dis old white lady following me around the store da whole time. Either she behind me or in the corner so I had to call her racist ass out.


The two Vines have have generated a huge amount of discussion about racial profiling in America, with many claiming getting followed for ‘shopping while black’ is rampant in the country:

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