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Rats chew through woman's house from the inside out

The rats are coming from inside the house.

Image: Screengrab/Ten Eyewitness News

ENOUGH  WITH THE rat horror stories!

The latest one comes from Australia where a woman in Melbourne has been forced to abandon her brand new home after rats caused so much damage that her bathroom ceiling fell down.

News.com.au reports that Ann Barker had only been living in the house for four months when the infestation became clear.

Barker said that the rats have chewed through several pipes in the house , while there are holes under her porch and in the corner of the roof.

Source: 7NEWS/YouTube

Feeling a bit “Is it on me? I feel like it’s on me”? Well then here’s a cute baby rat. They’re not all monsters:

This is my new baby rat Wiz Khalifa - Imgur Source: Imgur

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