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Driver tries to reunite Woody doll with his 'Andy' in real-life version of Toy Story

To infinity, and beyond (the M4).

TOY STORY FANS will be heartbroken by this real life case of a missing Woody doll, desperately trying to be reunited with his “Andy”.

Echoing a scene from the movie, Woody appears to have survived a tumble from a moving car on a UK motorway.

According to Metro, he was discovered by driver Bev McNeill who didn’t have time to get out and pick him up.

But seven weeks later Woody was still lying in the exact same spot, so she jumped out and fetched him. He was dirty and missing a hand, but otherwise OK.

A boy’s name, Liam, was written on the bottom of his left boot.

A picture of the doll was tweeted with the hashtag #GetWoodyHome – McNeill is hoping to finally reunite Liam and Woody.

And she might just have done that…

All together now! You gooot a frieeeend in me, you got a friiiieeeend in meee…

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