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11 excellent hidden messages on restaurant receipts

Always, ALWAYS check your bill carefully.

IT’S JUST LIKE your mam told you: you should always, always check your bill carefully in restaurants.

Sure you never know what someone could have hidden* on there.

*OK, they’re not really ‘hidden’. Just camouflaged in the small print.

1. This $2 ‘farting charge’

Source: funnyreceipts

2. This entry for someone who just wanted a Dr Pepper

Source: Imgur

3. These brilliant instructions for the chef

Source: Imgur

4. This very special discount

Source: Imgur

5. This desperate bid for attention

Source: Imgur

6. This receipt for a customer who would do anything for lunch

Source: Imgur

7. And this one from a modest, retiring staff member

Source: Imgur

8. This poignant reflection of the difficulties of poets worldwide

Source: Imgur

9. This troubling warning 

Source: Imgur

10. These chicken wings

Source: S-msn

11. And this message for a good cause.

Source: Imgur

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