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16 reasons to say 'what recession?'

We’re losing the run of ourselves, again.

IT’S OVER, AT least if this lot is anything to go by.

Reports suggest that travel agents are reaping the benefits of the recovery, but that’s not the half of it.

1. This opened last year

… and it aint empty

2. Speaking of Garth Brooks, let this sink in


3. Even money is getting expensive


4. And there’s just too much of it

B3uD5EpCEAAj0va Source: shaunnearyphoto

5. Donnybrook Fair is opening in Malahide and Avoca is expanding into Lucan

The notions are spreading.

6. Even the humble little supermarkets are drastically raising prices

grapes4-373x500 Source: Lorraine Cosgrave

7. As a rule

BWZR_FPIYAA4Au9 Source: fockerton_mrs

8. Even Lidl is stepping up its game

9. The iPhone 6 didn’t stand a chance on our soil

10. Even the kids are obsessed

11. You need a college degree for a gaff in Dublin



12. People are eating out again

13. And even lunch standards have gone sky high

14. The Sindo is leading the pack, once again


14. Tea is out, matcha lattes are in

15. As are champagne magnums

8832100663326 Source: Iceland

16. But the most promising sign of a recovery, is that builders have resumed staring into holes all over the country

There’s hope for us all yet.

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