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Apple is finally pulling the finger out and trying to introduce emojis with red hair

Right this wrong, Apple. It’s gone on too long.

WE HAVE AN avocado emoji. We have a gorilla emoji. We have a David Bowie emoji. So why hasn’t Apple listened to gingers yet and given us a red-headed emoji?

They’ve been crying out for it for years – a petition was even set up in 2014 to try and convince Apple to do it:


Well, as it turns out, we’re one step closer to the dream finally coming true.

On Monday, Apple is hosting a meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee (AKA the people who decide what emojis we get) and emojis with red hair are on the agenda.

But why has it taken them so damn long? Speaking to Mashable, Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia shared his thoughts on the matter:

I think the biggest reason we haven’t seen the redhead emoji gain much traction is that it’s a big ask just to add a readheaded version of every single emoji. On the other hand, would it be enough to just have a man and woman with red hair?

Emojipedia has identified two ways to roll out redhead emojis – creating a whole new ‘person with red hair’ emoji:

redhead-option-1-emoji-emojipedia Emojipedia Emojipedia

Or making hair ‘tags’ that allow us to change the hair colour like we already do with skin tone:

hair-color-tags-emojipedia Emojipedia Emojipedia

Whatever happens, we probably won’t be seeing a redhead emoji until next year, as the deadline for 2017 emoji proposals has already passed.

Redheads, your time is coming, just… slowly.

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