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Red lemonade isn't banned everywhere but Ireland - that's an urban myth

A scurrilous rumour about a national soft drink institution.

RED LEMONADE IS a soft drink institution in Ireland – and deservedly so, as its unique flavour has won the hearts of many down the years.

But there is a persistent rumour that continuously pops up about our beloved red lemonade, that supposedly explains why it has never made it beyond the shores of Ireland:

But you can rest easy because a spokesperson for TK told DailyEdge.ie that there’s no truth to it at all:

Not a grain of truth. The ingredients used in TK Red Lemonade are approved for use in soft drinks in across Europe.

But why is it so popular in Ireland, and not in other countries?

There’s a kind of nostalgic value, people are really attached to it from their childhoods.

It’s true. The people of Ireland have an undying affection for red lemonade

And they can get upset when they discover its charms haven’t made it big abroad

But, as has been discovered, it’s just down to the fact that red lemonade was never embraced by the international community – and there is nothing technically stopping its spread abroad.

It’s a staple of every Irish social occasion

Welcoming people home for generations

We love you, red lemonade

Never change.

Additional reporting by Valerie Loftus. 

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