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Desperate Times

11 reasons renting in Ireland is the absolute worst

According to Threshold, it’s getting worse for people seeking rented accommodation.

ACCORDING TO A new report, renting in Ireland is more desperate than ever.

There are fewer places to rent, and as a result, lots of people are being forced to accept sub-standard places.

This is bad news, as renting here has never really been a delight, has it?  In fact, there are those who would say it’s the worst.

Here are eleven reasons why.

The hours spent trawling through Daft


At first it’s fun.  Each time you log on you are filled with hope.  Perhaps this would be the magical search which bestows upon you countless options regarding your future abode!

The thing is, it never is.  You’ll eventually start checking out anything that seems remotely inhabitable, including, DUN DUN DUNNNNNN, ads without photos.

Misleading photos

mountain Er, does the mountain come with the apartment? Daft / Reddit Daft / Reddit / Reddit

Unfortunately, even the posts that do have photographs are regularly made up entirely of lies.

What looks like a spacious double bedroom is in fact a walk-in wardrobe given the fisheye lens treatment.  This results in hours of your time wasted on viewing completely unsuitable gaffs.

The competition

Working Abroad Exhibitions Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

Even in those completely unsuitable gaffs, you will have to face the competition.

As mentioned before, the supply of rented accommodation is shrinking and as a result, each viewing is filled with people, all desperate to find a place.

You’ll queue, all the while feeling more desperate and paranoid that you might be missing out on something great even if the place is a cesspit.

The desperate attempts to impress the person showing the place

firstborn Shutterstock Shutterstock

Should you finally find somewhere you want, you’re forced to enter into immediate negotiation with whoever is showing people around.

You breathlessly tell them how much you looooove the place and how you’ll take great care of it, exclaiming, ‘Look!  I have references!  And money!  Here! Take it!’

It rarely pays off.

The frequent lack of lifts

Golden stairs Sheep purple Sheep purple

Unless you’re living in a fancy dancy new apartment block (which can have its own set of problems), it’s unlikely your apartment building will have a lift.

This makes moving, and life generally, difficult.

The inefficient heating systems

Storage Heaters pigpogm pigpogm

If you live in an abode with gas powered central heating you are blessed, friends, because the storage heater is rife in rented accommodation.

No one knows how to properly use it, but everyone knows it eats up money.

Our kingdom for a radiator!

Decor that hasn’t been updated since 1962

Paisley Carpet PunkToad PunkToad

Rental properties in Ireland are frequently acquired via the death of older relatives, many of whom haven’t changed a thing since 1962.

Imagine living with a paisley carpet with a hangover! Not good.

Bad furniture

tumblr_mpxp43wkBC1rrqskho1_1280 Terrible Real Estate Photos Terrible Real Estate Photos

Clearly the landlord has either cobbled what’s there together from various elderly relatives (and you know that the stuff that your elderly relatives don’t want anymore ain’t good) or bought the cheapest furniture money can buy.

We’ve even heard reports of garden furniture being passed off as a kitchen table and chairs.

All too often, damp and mould

Water drops dripping down the wall sermoa sermoa

How can landlords think it’s ok to rent somewhere with mould on the walls?  How is this still happening?!?

The rubbish landlords/Management companies

guwpCTN Imgur Imgur

There are many varieties of rubbish landlords and management companies.

There are the ones who arrive regularly unannounced, the ones you call over and over to deal with an issue who never respond, and then there are the ones who try to rip you off when the time comes to get your security deposit back.

If you find a good one, hold on to them, beacuse they’re worth their weight in gold.

The fact that you don’t have a choice


For many Irish people, renting is not a choice but the only option.  The only infuriating, miserable option.

Sad times.

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