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9 things the kids of today will never understand about the internet

The 90s was truly a different time.

1. Going through this every time you wanted to get online

dialup Source: Uncyclopedia

And that wonderful sound. Ah.

2. Watching this little piece of paper fly into a folder for HOURS

90s-internet-problem Source: 90kids

3. Everyone having either eircom.net or oceanfree.net email addresses

oceanfree Source: oceanfree.net

4. And this as their homepage


4. Actually needing one of these places to access the internet

DSC06564_large Source: ratemyarea

Gimme €2 worth of your finest internet minutes, please.

5. Having to wade through about 100 of these to get to an actual website

1428675020-fdf6bdf73b018bbe1d81f2b5cf94c53c-1366x1046 Source: makeuseof

That’s when you knew you were probably somewhere you shouldn’t be.

6. Being billed for every minute you spent online

tinypic photo Source: TinyPic

Scroll aimlessly AT YOUR PERIL.

7. And getting murdered when the phone bill came

ill_kill_you_office Source: Reactiongifs

“It says here you were on the internet for NINE HOURS. What were you DOING?”

8. Pictures loading like this

giphy Source: Giphy

Oh, you wanted to see all of that bacon? Tough!

9. And of course, having to get off so your mam could make a phone call

computer-gif Source: Gurl

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