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9 absolutely ridiculous toys every 90s kid coveted (but probably never got)

Your parents had good reason.

THE 90S WAS a great decade for kids’ toys that were:

a) useless,
b) annoying,
c) dangerous,
d) cost enough to feed a small country for a year,
or e) all of the above.

Here are some of the more ridiculous toys 90s kids harangued their parents for every birthday/Christmas (and some theories on why they didn’t get them.)


Talkboy_recorder Source: Wikimedia

Macaulay Culkin has a lot to answer for – after it was used in several crafty ways in Home Alone 2, nearly every child wanted a Talkboy (or the pretty purple Talkgirl).

Now, from the lofty viewpoint of adulthood, it’s easy to see why maybe your parents didn’t want you running around shoving a tape recorder in their faces.

Moon Shoes

moonshoes Source: DoYouRemember

Mini trampolines for your feet. The possibilities of injuring yourself were endless. But see how FUN they look!

Source: spilsbury/YouTube

Sylvanian Families

519ed1e0457cf9ad555ee95321824b8d Source: Pinterest

What you were actually supposed to do with Sylvanian Families is still up for debate. Yet still, you yearned for them.


BylGVkw Source: Imgur

Ah of course, the Furby. The reasons for you to be refused a Furby were endless – it ticked three of the boxes above (annoying, expensive, useless).

Raise your hand if you still bullied your parents into buying you one, despite knowing all these things.

Mr Frosty

1f85fa48e39af8f7a67a550efb1d1089 Source: Pinterest

Your parents knew that Mr Frosty would ultimately disappoint you, with it basically being a dolled up ice-crusher and all.

Nevertheless, every child could sing along to the ad: “Mr Frosty is such fun, he makes treats for everyone…”

Source: Jamaniace/YouTube

Socker Boppers

Source: Admercial/YouTube

Anything that encouraged you to fight with your siblings was a hard no.

Teksta Robotic Puppy

tekstatoy Source: eBay

You’d never seen something so futuristic and cool.

Your parents had never seen something with so much potential to wreck their heads.

Electric kiddie car


You were never going to get it. Ever. It was too expensive, needed too many batteries and you’d grow out of it far too quickly.

But a kid can dream, right?

Sky Dancers

Sky-Dancers-the-90s-rock-33631865-625-469 Source: Fanpop


And there was always the possibility that this would happen:

Source: America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

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