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9 ridiculous phone habits nobody is able to break

We all need to calm down.

SMARTPHONES HAVE changed all our lives, sure.

But they’ve also turned us into creatures of habit. Ridiculous, ridiculous habits.

1. Pacing

manwalking Source: Shutterstock

When you began your phone call, you were in your living room. When you hung up, you were halfway down the main road.

2. Leaving a certain amount of time before answering a text

Wait five minutes before responding. Even if it’s your mam. Can’t be looking like you have nothing better to do than reply to texts.

3. Panicking over a private number

You haven’t done anything wrong. No one wants anything from you. But still:

ginny-weasley-wide-eyes Source: Photobucket

4. Hearing a phone buzz and immediately leaping on yours

give_it_to_me Source: Reactiongifs

The. Actual. Desperation.

5. Checking every five seconds

checkingphone Source: Flickr/devinish

No one’s texting you or tweeting you or Facebook messaging you. But just in case they DID.

6. Texting and walking

textingwalking Source: YouTube

The desire to tweet is stronger than the fear of walking into a lamppost, evidently.

7. Bringing it into the jacks

Lacy On the Phone & Toilet Source: Coonhill

Unless you want to be in there for the best part of an hour, don’t do it.

8. Browsing while watching TV

tumblr_mus16u4dNS1r1vf9eo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Look down for a minute during a dull bit, and look back up to find the entire episode has passed without you noticing.

9. Text amnesia

scratching-head Source: GOP

Receive text. Unlock phone. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Lock phone. Remember the text, and curse yourself.

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