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Fighting over the ring in the barmbrack is the greatest Irish Halloween tradition

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring in it…

ONE OF THE great Irish Halloween traditions is having a barmbrack, a loaf of bread with sultanas and raisins in it.

What every child desperately wanted though was to find the ring hidden inside – the greatest triumph there is.

The brack itself you could take or leave

If you’re not into raisins it’s your worst nightmare. Look at all of them!

But the ring was the prize everyone wanted to win

Even though you were eight years old and there was no chance of you agreeing to speak to someone of the opposite sex, never mind being wed within a year.

It wasn’t Halloween in an Irish household without a fight over it

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Every slice was carefully considered before eating. No sneaking pieces. The ring must be won fairly.

Or someone almost choking/breaking a tooth on it

That time of year again #BarmBrack #iDidntReallyGetTheRing #autumn #halloween

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It’s not one of our safest traditions.

And if it had somehow been left out of the brack, there was great disappointment

My first barmbrack … mmmmmmmm! #bakestagram #barmbrack

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Ah here! We’ve been cheated!

The winner wore it with pride, despite it turning their finger green

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To you, it was solid gold and extremely valuable and no one could tell you otherwise.

Even the teasing about who you might marry didn’t tarnish the shine

“Now you have to marry Billy down the road! *kissy noises*”

And it’s still a triumph to find one now you’re all grown up

Even if you ate the whole brack by yourself. Especially then.

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