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14 people who hate that Rita Ora Samsung ad just as much as you do

Your phone’s not dying. That’s just Rita Ora, taunting you.

THIS, AS MANY of you know (but still don’t quite understand why you know), is singer/actress/model/X Factor judge Rita Ora.

X Factor Auditions - London Source: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Rita is the face of Samsung’s new wireless charger, the ad for which is currently all over your television screens:

Source: Samsung Mobile/YouTube

There’s nothing particularly annoying about the ad. It looks like just about every other celebrity promotion out there. But it’s getting to people.

Maybe it’s the fact that her mumbly singing punctuates every single ad break.


Maybe it’s because it’s making people think their own phone batteries are dying.


Maybe it’s because how the charger works is unclear to some people.

Maybe it’s because some parts of the ad are logically unsound.

Or maybe it’s the way Rita enthusiastically groans “I’m ready” at her minions in the recording studio.


Yeah, we think it’s mostly that.

There are some reports of that particular part being cut from the ad, but due to the volume of people still hearing “Umreddehh” every 15 minutes, we’re forced to believe that Samsung is only providing this alternate edit to certain secret channels.

The battle against Rita Ora and her phone’s terrible battery rages on. Stay strong, comrades.

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