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Musician behind '29 Celebrity Impressions' video faked the whole thing

He recorded other impressionists and lip-synced over them TO FOOL THE WORLD.

YOU PROBABLY DON’T need another reminder, but here it is: Everything on the internet is a lie. Everything.

Musician Rob Castor became an internet sensation last week after he recorded himself performing 29 spot-on celebrity impressions to the tune of his original song, Perfect.

The video went majorly viral after it was uploaded to YouTube on 1 July, garnering almost seven million views.

Source: robcantor/YouTube

However, Cantor revealed last night in another video that he had recruited 11 impressionists to sing the song for him, and recorded himself lip-syncing along.

It was all a pretty elaborate stunt to promote his single and album – Cantor says he can’t do a celebrity impression to save his life.

The making of the clip is documented in this video:

Source: robcantor/YouTube

Reagan James, who voiced the Gwen Stefani bit, says it was Rob’s intention to fool the audience into thinking he was doing the impressions:

It’s up to Rob, whether people are going to believe it – his lip-syncing ability.

Well, yes. The whole world believed it. And now we’re sad.

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