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Rob Kardashian just tweeted Kylie Jenner's phone number in a row over a baby shower

A look back at this complicated carry-on.

We having a girl ‼️‼️💙💙💙💙😍😍😍😍😍 can't wait to see her

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LOOKS LIKE KYLIE Jenner’s older brother Rob Kardashian has started another family war by posting her phone number online.

Rob sent two tweets to his 6.65 million followers, posting what he claimed was Kylie’s number, and a follow-up tweet with his reason.


mother Source: @robkardashian

We rang Kylie’s number, of course.

The nice lady told us:

Thank you for calling Verizon. The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service.

Why d’ya have to go and make things so…

Kylie and Rob’s relationship is complicated.

Her boyfriend Tyga is Rob’s pregnant fiancé Blac Chyna’s ex and father to her young son King. To complicate matters further, Blac Chyna is best friends with Rob and Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose.

Got all that?

We made a chart, to help:


There have been ongoing tensions between all camps ever since Rob began his relationship with Blac Chyna… actually, no, it really started when Kylie started going out with Tyga (confirmed the hot damn minute she turned 18) and Blac Chyna decided she wasn’t having it, throwing the proverbial shade left, right and centre.

The Hollywood Gossip has a handy roundup, which includes both ladies slagging each other over watches Tyga has given them,  Chyna slagging Kylie’s lips and claiming Tyga wanted her back etc etc.


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In January of this year it was revealed that Blac Chyna and sock line mogul Rob Kardashian were in a relationship and had moved in together after Kardashian sister Khloe kicked him out.

So many horrifying things played out on social media, including Rob claiming sex with Chyna was more important than his relationship with his family (shudder), and about 27 reports that they had broken up and gotten back together.

But, by April they were engaged and Kylie and Blac appeared to have come to some sort of truce (aided by sister Kim), and even posted some pics together on Instagram and Snapchat.

pics Source: TMZ

In May it was revealed that Chyna was indeed pregnant with Rob’s baby. Because what else could make this any more complicated? Recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s showed the sisters K in various states of attempting not to rip out their hair at the news, and various shots of Kris Jenner tearfully just wanting all of her kids/moguls to get along.


And now, the latest row is over a baby shower. A baby shower seemingly for Rob and Chyna’s baby, which Chyna wasn’t invited to.

mother Source: @robkardashian

None of them have responded to Rob leaking Kylie’s number or revealed the circumstances of this alleged baby-less baby shower, but we’re sure there is a string of cryptic motivational quotes and well-placed digs on the way.

Well, Kardashian sister Kourtney has posted a photo of herself looking *flame emoji* on Instagram, but she’s the best one of the lot and doesn’t give one shite, so we doubt it means anything much apart from “LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE”.

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