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17 of the best memes from the genius 'Roddy Doyle's Star Trek' Facebook page

The gift that keeps on giving.

doyler Source: Roddy Doyle's Star Trek

EARLIER THIS SUMMER, Roddy Doyle’s Star Trek launched on Facebook and it was an instant hit.

The page has a simple concept: taking Colm Meaney’s Star Trek character and imagining his scenes were written by Roddy Doyle. The two guys who started it told DailyEdge.ie back then that Whatsapp chats were the inspiration:

We just start sending them to each other through Whatsapp just to amuse ourselves, and then we decided we’d start the page cos we wanted to share them with more of our friends on Facebook.

Since those early fruitful beginnings, Roddy Doyle’s Facebook page has continued to create meme gold all summer long, so here’s their very best work – and you can like the page here:

1. Hen party in Barrytown

henisit Source: RDST

2. The nation would legitimately watch a movie with this premise

gobshite2 Source: RDST

3. It’s poetry

troublebrewing Source: RDST

4. This scene took place after the Egypt game in Italia ’90

genius2 Source: RDST

5. Perfectly capturing that sarcastic smile

20232903_699676463571728_8668947690030104268_o Source: RDST

6. Scenes from the Star Trek session

bleeding Source: RDST

7. He’ll burst him

cheating Source: RDST

8. There is conflict

thehole2 Source: RDST

9. Admiration

gorgeous Source: RDST

10. All aborad the Barrytown Starfleet

weapon Source: RDST

11. Where the food isn’t like home

murder Source: RDST

12. And the entertainment leaves a lot to be desired

bleedin2 Source: RDST

13. Some tunes, though

tans2 Source: RDST

14. And old pop culture references

crystal Source: RDST

15. It’s like a disco in Raheny up there

meetmy Source: RDST

16. Roddy Doyle’s Star Trek, never change

captured Source: RDST

17. Consistent gold since its inception

neverc Source: RDST

Keep up the good work <3

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