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14 things you'll get if you know rosé is the greatest type of wine


ROSE IS THE greatest wine and we’ll hear no more about it.

1. Pink wine is the best wine

2. You don’t care about people judging you

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3. You wish you could eat rosé

4. And were delighted to find out that you can

PastedImage-51140 Compartés Compartés

5. In many ways


6. Forget your fancy wines, you’ll have rosé

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7. You feel all fancy because the most expensive rosé on the wine list is usually cheaper than most of the other wines

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8. It really comes into its own on a hot day

9. Pink wine + judging people = the perfect Friday night

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10. It’s got all the benefits of white, while being mostly red

…and fizzy, if you want it to be.

the-bachelor-champagne-toast Ilovewine Ilovewine

11. It’s so much prettier than beer

And classier when you get half cut at 3pm.

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12. Well, sometimes

13. You even want it in the shower


14. Basically, rosé is bae

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