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The 14 most WTF moments of the Rose of Tralee 2015

Brace yourselves.

IT’S ALL OVER. The Meath Rose has been crowned. And an Irish institution goes into hiding for another year.

Truly, it is a strange and wonderful country that puts this spectacle on prime time national television. Here are the oddest moments.

1. Dáithí spitting dung on stage, and the entire audience concluding that TIMES HAVE CHANGED

Source: RTE Player

2. The three cheekiest gardaí in Ireland taking a backstage selfie

Look at the guy on the right! Duckface on point AND lobbing a sneaky kiss onto his mate’s ear. Selfie game strong.

3. Steven Seagal making an unscheduled cameo appearance on the bandstand

Source: Associated Press

4. The Meath Rose going on the Tayto Park rollercoaster in her introductory video, and getting photobombed by the World’s Most Chilled Out Man

5. Dáithí unleashing his inner ballerina

6. The Longford Rose using her hairdo to entrap an unwitting cameraman


7. Monaghan flat out stabbing Louth in the back by telling the entire country that the Louth Rose fancies her brother

Oh, the look.

8. Mr Tayto straight up creeping on the eventual winner

Hands where we can see em, Mr Tayto.

9. Everyone in Ireland trying in unison to see how quickly they can say all 32 counties


10. This person busting a giant hole through every Rose of Tralee poem ever with a single tweet


Source: Giphy

11. Daniel O’Donnell’s face as he learned to take a selfie 

12. Dáithí Ó Sé doing the Pilates plank on live TV, wearing a tuxedo

13. One of the Roses’ boyfriends storming the lookalike competition with a single grin

14. And finally, Daniel O’Donnell doing THIS with his arse on national TV

Source: @RTEPlayerInt


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