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How many of each kind are inside a tin of Roses?

Are there REALLY more of the gross ones? Here’s the answer…

WHEN YOU’RE DEEP in a tin of Roses, it always seems like there’s more of the ones you don’t like. (The strawberry ones are a prime offender.)

So we set out to discover what is actually, really inside a standard tin. Here are the results:

Source: Emer McLysaght/DailyEdge.ie

Hazel Swirl: 5
Brazilian Darkness: 5
Coffee Escape: 6
Signature Truffle: 6
Hazel in Caramel: 7
Caramel: 8
Country Fudge: 9
Tangy Orange Creme: 9
Golden Barrel: 10
Strawberry Dream: 10

What do you think? Does that seem fair to you? WHY ALL THE STRAWBERRY ONES?

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