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# royal baby names
'Eamon Gilmore', 'Kong' and 7 other brilliant royal baby name suggestions
Now that he’s here, what the blazes are they going to call him?

1. Eamon

Photocall Ireland (plus special Paint effects)

2. Tyler

Just to spite Katie Hopkins.

(via @liamrourke_)

3. Joffrey (that b**tard)

4. Kong

Flickr/Creative Commons/D. Garding

5. Symbol

6. Craig, Callum, Nathan, Reece?

via @CocaCola

(There is the chance however, that the kid would end up being called “Friends” or “Everyone”)

7. Phoebe/Pheebo

(via @lirrysundae)

8. South

Maybe Prince South and Baby North West will get married one day. Kim Kardashian would LOVE that.

Or maybe they should go one better…

9. Prince Ofbelair

The Metro Herald’s royal baby headline is unbeatable>

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