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8 of the funniest RTÉ news bloopers from 2014

A1, Sharon.

LOOK, NO MATTER how hard you try, live TV will always be live TV. Even our favourite RTÉ presenters weren’t exempt from a few blunders in 2014.

Here are some of our favourite RTÉ bloopers from the year that was.

When Sharon Ní Bheoláin had to fight off a determined fly on the Six One


That time everyone thought there was a streaker in the background of a report

Source: DailyEdge.ie/YouTube

There is a lesson in this: Don’t wear flesh-coloured clothes. Ever.

When Teletext accidentally killed off Obama

20141106_113036 Source: Benson Hallahan

Yes, we still have Teletext.

When Bryan Dobson was left in the dark

*awkward shuffle to desk*

Source: Niall O'Keeffe/YouTube

No standing piece-to-camera for YOU!

Sharon Ní Bheoláin again, caught being terribly unimpressed with some modern dance


You’ve showed your hand there, Sharon.

When Meteorologist Siobhán Ryan left grinning at the camera after a technical blip

Source: paddypadman2/YouTube

“Uuugghhh.” We feel you, Siobhán.

That time Sharon Ní Bheoláin ‘threatened’ her co-presenter Ray Kennedy

Source: Finian Murray/YouTube

“Your job is OK – this time.” Oh, you rascal.

And when we all accidentally found out just how small the news studio really is

news1-2 Source: RTÉ Player

And we thought it was all hustle and bustle back there. Well.

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