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12 of the best things that have ever happened on the Six One

Come for the news, stay for the LOLs.

1. This man thoroughly enjoying a 99 in the background of a report

eating99 Twitter / @markskinnycoyne Twitter / @markskinnycoyne / @markskinnycoyne

He went to TOWN.

2. When Sharon Ní Bheoláin called Bryan Dobson ‘Dobbo’

It was like a glimpse into another universe.

3. And had to fight off a fly attack while reading the news

What a pro, though.

4. AND accidentally revealed how unimpressed she was by modern dance



5. When this reporter seemed to forget where she was


6. And David Davin-Power had to deal with this

AssetTracker / YouTube

The elongated pause at the start really ups the creep factor, right?

7. When Aengus MacGrianna was caught powdering his nose

Most Valuable Cars / YouTube

8. The time a Lotto winner sprayed herself in the face with champagne


9. When this Carlow farmer pulled out some serious shtyle for his interview

CUhz4aEUcAARLjG Twitter / @dailyedge Twitter / @dailyedge / @dailyedge

10. When Dobbo had to make a dash back to his seat

Niall O'Keeffe / YouTube

The man is a pinnacle of calm.

11. Teresa Mannion’s now-infamous unnecessary journey

Carlitos Salazar / YouTube


12. And of course, OF COURSE, The Man Who Slipped On The Ice

jenifer34245 / YouTube

We’re sorry sir, but this will never get old.

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