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Aer Lingus and Ryanair's latest Twitter battle was inspired by Father Ted

In honour of the 20th anniversary, of course.

RYANAIR AND AER LINGUS are no strangers to the art of Twitter shade.

Their frequent (and often lame) efforts at dissing each other are usually limited to bickering over airports and low fares, but today they decided to drag poor old Father Ted into it.

What followed was a devastating tale of one-upmanship and poor Photoshop.

It all started when Aer Lingus innocently tweeted this screengrab of the show, in which Aer Lingus logos can clearly be seen

Not able to let it lie, Ryanair took a swipe

Quick work from the Photoshop wizard in the marketing department there.

Aer Lingus fired back with a ‘I know YOU are, but what am I?’ approach

At which point Ryanair went back to its old tune

Aer Lingus wins this round, for the sheer brilliance of ‘Ruggedair’ alone. Soz, Ryanair babes.

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