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# down with the trumpets
Ryanair want YOU to decide if they should change their on-time music
Get on Twitter and right this wrong, once and for all.

*DO DODO DOOO* Welcome! You have arrived on yet another on-time flight…

Ryanair’s on-time jingle has become both a blessing and a curse to the budget traveller – sure, great, we’ve arrived on time, but why do you have to go ANNOUNCING it?

It seems the company has finally copped on, as it took to Twitter this morning to ask its followers whether it should keep the infamous on-time music or not.

Those in favour of the jingle should tweet the hashtag #dontgochanging, while those opposed should plump for #downwiththetrumpets.

The voting kicked off around a half an hour ago, and so far #downwiththetrumpets is winning at around 59 tweets – though the trumpet lovers aren’t that far behind with 35.

The results of the survey will be revealed on Monday.

Some tweeters have very interesting suggestions for the replacement music:

For all that is good and holy, get out there and tweet #downwiththetrumpets. For the sake of low-cost fliers everywhere.

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