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11 sad lunches that will make you feel better about your own

It’s all gonna be OK.

A LOT OF the Irish workforce is slowly approaching the January payday. But most aren’t QUITE THERE, and the lunch situation is getting desperate.

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If you’re sitting at your desk dreading opening that tin foil… at least you don’t have this lot waiting.

1. Imagine the lack of flavour

This lunch sux. #sadlunch

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Anything out of a cup… no

A disappointing lunch #sadlunch #coffee #mugshot

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Cabbage and rice. CABBAGE AND RICE

Mmm… tasty

My lunch today...blah. #sadlunch

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Cheese and crackers has never looked so dispiriting

#thestruggle #sadlunch

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Quorn sausages and cucumber ARE YOU WELL

Eating the shite you have left over for Friday work lunch 😂 #sadlunch #quorn #veggielife

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It’s OK, the egg makes it a meal

#sadlunch #nyguard #newyorkguard

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This does NOT contain many minerals


One of the few times I've posted food on Instagram

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Start feeling better about yourselves, pronto


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#sadlunch (021/365)

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