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8 characteristics of sad office lunches

Dishwasher juice *pukes*

1. Fridge detritus

All you had left in the fridge at home was two limp lettuce leaves, an Easy Single and half a pitta bread, and it’s two days to pay day?

We feel you.


2. Deli counter blues

You expressly asked for a “small bit of mayo”.

You got this:

chose Source: http://alfalfalfa.com/

You asked for no mayo at all.

They cut your sandwich with a knife riddled with the stuff.

Bring it back, eat it at your desk, have a cry. Maybe buy a bag of Hula Hoops to cheer yourself up.

3. Microwave wars

You get to the kitchen. There are already two tubs of Cully and Sully and something that looks suspiciously like fish pie waiting to go in.

The queue of the microwave at the office. Source: jadijadi

4. Sneaky scrapers

Everybody knows that peanut butter, normal butter, non-fancy cereal and condiments of any kind are fair game, right?


Somebody’s eaten the last of your extra crunchy and now life is ruined.

Empty Source: D. Scott Lipsey

5. Tupperware seepage

Beetroot seepage, to be exact.

Looks like you’ve committed murder in cold blood, and then wiped your hands on your bag for life.


Beetroot Hands Source: Tabsinthe

6. Keyboard krumbs

You think you’re being careful and clean. You’re not.

51248c7267559 Source: Sunnylol

7. Not a plate in the house washed

Doesn’t matter, lid of lunchbox/sheet of paper/coffee filter will suffice.

tumblr_nina8ucZEt1qlk39so1_1280 Source: SadDeskLunch.com

8. Dishwasher juice

Try as you might to slide your knife and fork into the dishwasher untainted, you will always come into contact with someone else’s dirty delph.


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