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This devastated Teletubby will speak to the soul of every sports fan

We are all Sad Teletubby.

THE AMERICAN COLLEGE basketball championships (also known as March Madness) has been a trying time for a lot of basketball fans.

First, there was the world’s saddest piccolo player, who played on despite her team’s devastating loss.

Now, there’s this Wisconsin Badgers fan, who was spotted looking very sombre just moments after they narrowly lost to Duke University, 68-63.

Source: kiop/Vine

It gets even sadder when you realise that he was somehow separated from the rest of the Teletubby pack:

Because nothing strikes fear in an opponent quite like a Teletubby. #nationalchampionship #marchmadness #FinalFour Source: kyle_radionow1009

And lo, just like the Sad Piccolo Player before him, the Sad Teletubby meme was born.

There have been mean, mean jokes

You guys just leave him alone!

There have been the inevitable sad song edits

Source: The Cauldron/Vine

He has been inserted into other devastating moments

And been lumped in with other memes

But most importantly, there has been solidarity

Poor guy. Don’t worry. We’re here for you, Sad Teletubby.

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