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Sally is coming back to Home and Away... here are her best bits
Remember when Pippa and Tom adopted her? When she got into a van with Heath Ledger? When she came to Ireland?

ONE OF HOME and Away’s stalwarts, Sally Fletcher, is heading back to Summer Bay to help celebrate 25 years of the caravan park, the surf club and Yabbie Creek.

Actress Kate Ritchie will return after five years away from Summer Bay. Her character originally left to travel and see the world.

Thankfully they didn’t kill her off or it would have been difficult to bring her back, although that didn’t stop them bringing Bobby and Tom back… as ghosts.

Sally was one of the original cast members of the show, along with the likes of Alf Stewart and Donald ‘Flathead’ Fisher.

Here are her best bits, starting at the very start…

Being adopted by Tom and Pippa

Image: Back to the Bay

Milco, the imaginary friend

When Sally was just a nipper, living in the caravan park with Pippa (the original blonde one) and Tom she had an imaginary friend called Milco…


The time she was a bridesmaid

Sally was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Pippa (the second one, with the brown hair) and Michael (who Pippa married after Tom died)…

Did you know Michael and Pippa are in love in real life? Well they are!

The time Michael caught her and Jack in bed together

They were living under the same roof! The scandal!

Image: Back to the Bay

The time she lost her virginity to Heath Ledger in the back of a van


When she went to Ireland…

And came back with Kieran, the charming Irishman, and almost married him. Gypsy disrupted the wedding though, and told Sally that Kieran had tried to drop the lámh on her.

When she married Flynn


And Flathead was the celebrant…

Image: FanPop

When Sally finally left Summer Bay and they had a concert for her and Pippa came


Being more gracious that Melissa George about her Home and Away past

According to Kate Ritchie said she is “not like Melissa” when talking about her return to Summer Bay.

George, who played Angel, went on a rant last November about being constantly associated with the show, and subsequently issued an apology.

Her outburst let Dieter Brummer (who played her Home and Away love Shane) to reveal that he hadn’t spoken to her in 17 years. Ouch.

NOT lovers off screen! (Image: TV Guide)

Sally’s scenes will begin filming the next few weeks and will be broadcast later this year.

Alf Stewart says he can’t wait to have her back, the great galah!

Did you recognise the guy on Raw last night?

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