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This bizarre dessert vomits custard and poos chocolate

And we kind of want to try it.

JUST WHEN YOU think you’ve seen everything, you find a vomiting dessert.

Japanese company Sanrio, creators of Hello Kitty, are responsible for this egg-like character called Gudetama, who has inspired a host of themed cafés in the country.

gudetama Source: Sanrio

According to Kotaku, one of these cafés is currently serving a dessert dim sum (or dumpling) shaped just like Gudetama. But the dish has a few interesting quirks.

For one thing, when you squeeze the Gudetama dumpling, he vomits custard.

vomits custard Source: YouTube

And that’s not all. When you poke a chopstick in his arse (yes, it’s an egg with an arse), he poops chocolate.

poochocolate Source: YouTube

This should come as no real shock, considering Sanrio stated last year that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but a little girl dressed like one.

The pooping/vomiting desserts are just par for the course, really.

Source: NMplusCHANNEL/YouTube

We’re just going to put this out there: We would eat this. Several of them, in fact. Would you?

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