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The Denny 'He's a wery dud Santy' ad is the loveliest Christmas ad of them all


dss Source: Denny/YouTube

EVERYONE HAS THEIR favourite Christmas ads.

Perhaps you’re a fan of the iconic Coca-Cola truck. Maybe nothing evokes the spirit of Christmas for you like the sight of a young, wistful Alan Hughes. Or maybe you find yourself quoting, “I don’t know, this seems very unorthodox” every year.

Over the past few years, a new contender for the title of Best Christmas Ad™  has emerged.

That, my friends, is the Denny Christmas ad.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the ad features an adorable little girl receiving her presents on Christmas morning.

Source: Denny/YouTube

According to Denny, the ad was filmed on Christmas Day 2009 and features five-year-old Katie Bradbury from Sandyford receiving her Christmas presents.

Meaning that her reaction was totally genuine.

In fairness, you can’t fake that sort of delight and wonder.

insta Source: Denny/YouTube

The way she says, ‘He’s a wery dud Santy!’ could warm even the coldest of hearts

insta Source: YouTube

We are all this little girl on Christmas morning.

Right down to the bed hair.

sfd Source: Denny/YouTube

The only unrealistic thing about the ad?

The fact that they have a massive fry on Christmas morning. Lads, have ye not heard of spoiling your appetite?

fry Source: Denny/YouTube

Not to mention the fact that she’s allowed to ride her bike in the house.

Would never have happened in our day. (And if it had, the wooden spoon would have been out.)

insta Source: Denny/YouTube

But those are just minor quibbles. It’s still the loveliest ad on telly.

All together now: he’s a wery dud Santy


chrism Source: Denny/YouTube

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