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Saoirse Ronan has taught Americans how to make the perfect cup of tea

Important work.

saoirsecover Source: Vanity Fair YouTube

IN A YEAR that has seen her go from a Golden Globe nomination to Helen Mirren saying she should win an Oscar, Saoirse Ronan is having a serious time of it.

Not only has she made the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair, but now she’s made a video for them on how to make the perfect cup of Irish tea:

“Hi. My name is Saoirse Ronan and today I’m going to teach you America, how to make the perfect cup of tea”

saoirsetea Source: YouTube

Let’s educate them.

“You fill up your kettle to the desired amount”

saoirsetea2 Source: YouTube

“You press your little on button… this is a very fancy kettle”

littleonbutton Source: YouTube

Vanity Fair probably shelled out for one of the more expensive kettles on the market.

Saoirse moved on to the key ingredients needed:

“Got a bit of milk. This has hair in it… that’s optional”

littleonbutton2 Source: YouTube

And while she was waiting for the kettle to boil:

“Shall I just talk about Ireland for the next couple of minutes?”

waitingsaoirse Source: YouTube


After singing the nation’s praises, the tea has been poured. The moment of truth is here, and Saoirse lets the Americans know how important this is to us:

“Have your cup of tea, have your shortbread biscuit. And there you go, life is instantly better for you.”

waitingsaoirse2 Source: YouTube


The Oscars are coming up for her, but this just might be the most important cultural work for Saoirse this month.


Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

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