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13 pieces of definitive proof that sarcasm is the highest form of wit

No. Really. This is a grreeeeeeat article.

SARCASM IS HILARIOUS. You know what’s not hilarious? People who don’t like sarcasm.

Here’s why.

1. It’s perfect to convey your frustration


2. Your despair

NcqKSLi Source: Imgur

3. Sure, we can all look back and laugh at it now

l7yUr Source: Imgur

4. It cushions tricky situations

Iu8CZaV Source: Imgur

5. Teaches lessons

clever_sarcastic_replies_640_03 Source: Izismile

6. Sometimes it’s used so well, it’s easy to miss it

9e8YjL8 Source: Imgur

7. But mostly, it’s not


8. It can come from the most unexpected of places

z8l1R Source: Imgur

9. An artsy photo…


10. An inspirational quote…

sarcastic-quotes-about-love-funny-funny-quotes-funny-love-quotes-sarcasm-sarcastic-humor-love-84658 Source: Picturesquote

11. Or just your average joe


12. Sarcasm is perfect for everyone occasion, really

tumblr_n6mtiwFvbB1s3c3m0o1_500 Source: ugh-no-one-cares

13. Seriously

tumblr_n76g7gwoa51t9g67wo1_500 Source: Tumblr

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