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8 Saturday evening rituals we bet you all took part in

Bath time!

1. Eating a treat your mam bought during the Big Shop

If Saturday was Big Shop day in your house, chances are there was at least a Thrift or Yellowpack biscuit on the go.

Maybe a jam doughnut from Superquinn if you were really lucky.

Source: Retro Ireland

2. Watching Seaquest DSV or Dolphin Cove

Nautical TV shows were a big Saturday evening hit.

Source: Fanpop

Source: UTubeNazi

3. Watching Baywatch

Another watery theme.

Altogether now:


Source: Tumblr

4. Watching Gladiators (if you had The Channels)

If you didn’t have The Channels you lied about having watched Gladiators in school on Monday anyway.

Source: Ukgameshows

5. Having a bath

Once a week you had a good wash, often sharing the bathwater with a sibling.

Source: Flickr

6. Putting on clean pyjamas

Source: He-man

Source: Etsystatic

7. Drying your hair in front of the fire

Source: Photobucket

8. Being allowed to stay up to watch Dallas

Source: Dale R. Gonyea

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