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Pics: Remember the awesomeness of childhood Saturday mornings?

This slideshow will help you relive them!

IS THERE ANY time better than Saturday mornings as a kid?

We humbly contest that no, there isn’t. No school. No homework til tomorrow. And a WHOLE WEEKEND of freedom ahead of you.

Now you can relive those times! With DailyEdge.ie’s special Saturday morning slideshow. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Pics: Remember the awesomeness of childhood Saturday mornings?
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  • Waking up in the morning...

  • And knowing you have to go to school

  • But then remembering there's NO SCHOOL TODAY

  • Because it's SATURDAYYYY!

  • So you run downstairs

  • And the sun is shining!

  • But you can't play outside, because the door's locked

  • And you're not allowed to wake your parents up yet

  • Which means CARTOONS!

  • And chilling out in your killer PJs

  • Did we mention the cartoons?

  • Get yourself a bowl of your favourite cereal

  • And then ANOTHER bowl, because you can

  • Back to the cartoons


  • Or perhaps play with some toys

  • Screwball Scramble!

  • Pay a visit to the airport

  • Maybe even listen to some tunes

  • Phew. Time for a cartoon break.

  • What next? CUSHION FORT!

  • Which leads to a pillow fight

  • And it ends in tears, like always

  • NOW you've done it. You've woken Mam and she's coming down.

  • That only means one thing - TV goes OFF

  • And you have to go tidy your room. Sad times. But then you remember...

  • ...you've still got the whole weekend to go!

Got any memories you’d like to share? Join the discussion in the comments below…

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