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12 things you'll know if you're hopelessly addicted to Say Yes To The Dress

~just say yes, forever now~

SAY YES TO The Dress may be ‘trash TV’ but it’s beautiful trash, goddammit.

1. You probably went into your first viewing feeling all superior

say-yes-to-the-dress-casting-call-wedding-steps Source: Weddingsteps

“What is this stupid show? Weddings are just not that important anymore. This offends me, as a woman.”
*30 minutes later*
“If she doesn’t go for the lace Pnina Tornai I am just giving up.”

2. Soon after, it became your favourite comfort programme

Today is the first day of the @maisonsignore #trunkshow happening through Sunday! 📷 by @ness_fuentes #Kleinfeld

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It’s always on. It’s always the same. It’s a safe, white satin cocoon.

3. And the consultants are like your friends

Randy! Camille! Monte! Lori! All the lads <3

4. Now you act like you know each bride-to-be personally

12593857_10153690023708167_8346916356900939299_o Source: Facebook/Say Yes To The Dress

“I just know by her face that the first dress is the one. If only the mother would shut up.”

5. And roll your eyes every time one produces cowboy boots

604117_10151146969013167_1953540648_n Source: Facebook/Say Yes to the Dress

At first you couldn’t quite believe what you were seeing. And now you’re like, “Aw, that’s cute. She thinks she’s being original.”

6. You’re always secretly hoping for drama

tumblr_my1gev8wF61qfi0jxo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Maybe not ‘this bridesmaid is getting kicked out of the wedding’ drama every time, but ‘this cousin is going to start sh*t over a dress’ is always welcome.

And oh the many times you have howled “IT’S NOT YOUR F**KING WEDDING!” at the screen!

7. Or a juicy bridal backstory

enhanced-12796-1438036898-4 Source: Buzzfeed

Like a woman who bought her dress, called off her wedding, put it in storage at Kleinfeld, then came back for it four years later when she got engaged again. That kind of stuff.

8. Or a ‘no budget’ bride

tumblr_n4iesvY1v11spy9i0o1_500 Source: Tumblr

THOSE WOMEN. Even the consultants get excited, and they’ve seen it all.

9. You are now familiar with every single bit of wedding dress jargon

pockets_tumblr Source: Stylemagazines

You have opinions on lace now. And you despair when brides-to-be fail to wear underwear that would fit with the dress.

10. And you marvel at the consultants’ ability to find a dress that fits the most ridiculous criteria

enhanced-buzz-10868-1398868841-23 Source: Buzzfeed

“I want to be sexy and strapless but also covered up as I am getting married in a church and my family is very conservative but the reception is in a barn so I want it to look country but still very elegant and also lots of bling.”

11. You have wept at it. Wept


The family start bawling when they see her in the Yes dress and you feel tears prickling in your own eyes. Sometimes you give in to those tears.

12. And you would 100% visit Kleinfeld if ever in New York, just to see

C-ICFd7XcAAB2C_ Source: Valerie Loftus/DailyEdge.ie

Maybe you already have. And picked up a tiny bottle of water meant for the actual brides. Who’s to say.

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