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9 of the spookiest stories on the internet

Scare yourself silly.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Of course, it’s not all about dressing up and stuffing yourself with sweets. It’s about scaring the living daylights out of yourself.

So dim the lights, close the curtains (you never know who might be creeping around out there) and get stuck into some of the internet’s best scary stories…

This terrifying short story from Jezebel’s annual spooky story contest

headphones-690685_1280 Source: Pixabay

The Jezebel spooky story contest is always responsible for some great scares – all three in this particular post are good, but the first one, Look At Me, chilled us to the bone.

The Showers

Basement_of_Lawang_Sewu_2011 Source: Wikimedia

A longer but gripping read about a particularly spooky urban legend.

Candle Cove

Candlecovestorytelling Source: Wikia

Someone logs on to a forum, hoping to find out if anyone remembers a weird 1970s kids’ show, Candle Cove. They discover a lot more than they expected…

Ted the Caver

tedthecaver Source: Angelfire

Another long one, thought to be one of the first ever creepypastas. It’s purportedly the caving journal of Ted, an avid spelunker who begins exploring a cave near his home. What happens next will leave you frozen with fear.

The Girl In The Photograph

A_girl_in_Kensington Source: Wikimedia

Don’t. Follow. The giggling.

The Haunted Facebook Page

y0yzVaj Source: Imgur

The tale of a man who keeps receiving Facebook messages from his girlfriend, one year after her death.

The Rake

The_Rake Source: Wikia

Similar to but more vicious than the Slenderman, The Rake is a human-like creature that stalks and terrifies its victims.

Dangerous Roads

street-918882_1280 Source: Pixabay

A short but effective one that lets your imagination do most of the work.


penpal-by-dathan-auerbach Source: Wordpress

A series of stories by the author Dathan Auerbach, originally posted to Reddit’s NoSleepsubreddit before being turned into a novel.

It tells the story of a young boy who tries to find a penpal by attaching a letter to a balloon, in the hopes that someone will write back. When they eventually do, he discovers that his penpal is far from sane…

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