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9 crucial back-to-school supplies every 90s kid coveted

The only thing that made going back to school bearable.

SUMMER IS DRAWING to a close (“What summer?” we hear you all cry) and soon the kids will be sadly trooping through the school gates once more. Remember that feeling?

But it wasn’t all bad – for the budding stationery nerd, the best thing about going back to school was NEW STUFF. Pens, pencils and perfect, clean white copybooks. *writhes in pleasure*

These were some of the most covetable items.

A plastic pencil case

Essential for that new-pencil case smell.

friendspencilcase eBay eBay

When the love for Friends was at its peak, you wanted a Friends pencil case. Football clubs were always a popular choice, as was Boyzone for the gals.

Fountain pen

8965024289_c5edac1ddb_z Flickr / Wilson Hui Flickr / Wilson Hui / Wilson Hui

A little bit notion-y, very, very messy – the fountain pen was the reserve of the extreme stationery nerd.

The blotches on your copybook were worth it for that intellectual, cultured feeling you got from using one.

An extensive collection of Crayola coloured pencils

The fancy sets with the more obscure colours were KEY.

SONY DSC Wikimedia Wikimedia

Then you just had to sit back and watch as the rest of the class came a-begging to borrow your ‘skin colour’.

Pencil grips

Pencil grips- triangle1 Sensory Corner Sensory Corner

0026594 DLF DLF

So what if you cast it aside moments after putting it on. So what if it made your writing look like chicken scratch.

The point is: You had one.

Binders, covered appropriately

Stickers, clippings from Smash Hits or Top of the Pops, drawings and messages from friends.

garethgates A later example of the trend (Gareth Gates hit big in 2002) Nicola Byrne Nicola Byrne

Maybe you were one of those that got one pre-printed with your favourite pop star or cartoon character. Isn’t it well for you?

Gel pens

Oh baby.

shutterstock_17005024 *drools* Shutterstock Shutterstock

You probably weren’t allowed use them for actual school work, but you definitely had at least three colours. If you were really lucky, you had the marbled or scented gel pens.

The erasers that could ‘rub out ink’

inkrubber EBay EBay

All they did was leave massive holes in your otherwise pristine copybook. Not fair.

The fanciest of fancy lunchboxes

Barbie. Power Rangers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lunch_boxes Wikimedia Wikimedia

Plain Tupperware container? Mam and Dad, are you trying to RUIN MY LIFE?

Push-up pencils

a4a727c56cd678dec2965facebaa9051 Pinterest Pinterest

If you lost one of the nibs…well. We won’t go there.

Better still if you had them in the coloured pencil version.

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